How is your credit? Have you ever thought about how important this part of your life actually is? Well, it is not only super important, it is crucial to making a financially successful life for yourself and your loved ones. Your credit is basically the number that tells how responsible you are with borrowed money, and states what kind of money you are good for borrowing. If you have taken out loans from the bank or government before and defaulted on them, meaning you didn’t pay the loans back, your credit will not be that good. This also goes for bills that you have in collections; any unpaid debt you have is tracked and measured out in your credit score. That is why it’s crucial to pay your debts, know your credit score, and otherwise keep your credit in check!


First of all, if you want to borrow money from basically any institution at a decent interest rate, you need to keep your credit in good shape. This is especially important if you need to take out a loan on a house, a car, or a college education. Many loans for college education are federally based, and if your credit is ruined on a federal level because you don’t pay back your college debts you will really have a very difficult time trying to find anyone who lend you money on any type of large purchase.


Next, learn about your credit score! There are dozens of websites devoted to helping you learn your exact credit score. Your bank should be able to help you know this important number as well; even the website or entity that you do your taxes through should be able to consult you on your level of credit. This number, for some people, will be like your weight–you might rather forget it and not keep up with the exact number, but it is important to know, and it will ultimately guide you in the steps you should take to either rectify your situation or make significant purchases.


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